Our fully integrated facility offers end-to-end services to help you
achieve all of your finished products needs, all at a single, convenient
and trusted location

USPL Nutritionals operates as a fully integrated packaging and manufacturing facility, assuring continuous scheduling to minimize delays regardless of order volume. We offer packaging, warehousing and logistics services to ensure your order is complete, from start to finish.

We offer in-house solutions for bottling, cartoning and blister packaging. We also offer unit dose packaging in custom pouch size options. Our facility holds several stock quantities of common PETE, HDPE and glass bottles and caps for increased efficiency. We offer induction sealing, neck banding, full body sleeves and shrink wrapping.

Our custom packaging capabilities include:

  1. Custom Designs & Colors of HDPE, PETE and Glass Bottles
  2. Retail Display Packaging
  3. Product Shippers
  4. Pallet Packs

We have 40,000 square feet of dedicated warehousing space. Our state-of-the-art warehouse is climate controlled to ensure the freshness and quality of all of your products for your consumers.

Each shipment is carefully prepared for export by a staff of highly trained experts. All of our shipments meet guidelines for pallet configurations at the leading U.S. retail channels. Our dedicated logistics team ensures the timely delivery of your orders while our excellent and responsive sales and customer service team is always available to assist you. Rest assured, your products are in good hands!