Diverse product line of tablet technology that combines elegance and innovation
to meet all of your unique formulation needs and enhance your product portfolio

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Set your brand apart from conventional products with one of our unique product designs. Here at USPL Nutritionals we value our customers by offering them only the most advanced products on the market. We are constantly searching for emerging trends to provide you with the most ground-breaking formulations.

All of the tablets and caplets we offer can be customized to meet your specific branding needs.

We offer the following options:

  1. Custom Shapes & Sizes
  2. Custom In-House Color and Clear Coating
  3. Custom Flavor &  Color Design
  4. Custom Embossing

Create a unique, delicious experience in each product! With a combined 15 years of experience in flavor technology and taste masking, all of our tablets exceed in flavor and texture. All of our products can be customized by flavor, color and shape & size. We also offer natural flavors and colors to meet your consumers’ and/or retailers’  specific requirements.

USPL Nutritionals specializes in cutting-edge alternatives to conventional tablets. Check out our line of revolutionary product options below:

Quick Dissolving Tablets

Quick Dissolving tablets (or ODTs) are tablets that are placed on the tongue to dissolve in the mouth without any water, chewing or swallowing required. These nutrient packed tablets dissolve on the tongue and enter the blood stream through saliva. Active ingredients contained in the pill are released in the pre-gastric, gastric, and post-gastric phases of the gastrointestinal (GI) system, compared to conventional tables which are released and absorbed in the stomach and post-gastric sites of the GI system.

Our ODT tablets are developed using a unique manufacturing method that excels in terms of disintegration, size and taste while maintaining an efficacious dose.

Bi-Layer Quick Dissolving Tablets

Bi-Layer Quick Dissolving tablets are our newest innovation in delivery technology, which work similar to standard ODT tablets but offer a unique, duo-flavor sensation on the tongue. Each side has a different flavor, releasing a new taste sensation as each side touches the tongue.

Chewable/Quick Chew Tablets

Chewable and Quick Chew tablets are another great-tasting alternative to conventional tablets. Our chewables are a great substitute for formulations too complex to manufacture as an ODT due to tablet weight requirements or raw material dissolution profiles.

Custom Release Profiles

USPL Nutritionals offers Custom Release Profiles that control the release of active ingredients within the body. Also known as extended release technology, it allows for nutrients contained in a tablet to remain in the body longer through a special manufacturing process that delays the release of the active ingredient contents, allowing it to be absorbed by the body over a period of time.

Bi-Layer Tablets

Our Bi-Layer tablets can be customized by their release profile and/or appearance, which gives your product a branded edge.

The way bi-layer tablets work is that the first layer begins to dissolve immediately after consumption, allowing for nutrients to become rapidly available for use within the body. After the initial layer has completely dissolved, the second layer begins to dissolve, releasing the remaining contents for an extended period of time, ensuring a prolonged effect within the body.

Bi-layer release profile capabilities:

  1. Immediate Release/Extended Release Profile

Custom appearance:

  1. Dual Color Layers
  2. Multi-Ingredient Layers
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